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Amazing Race

The Goal: The delegates in the amazing race team building will work together to fulfil different task given to them. Large groups will be divided into smaller groups to make the adventure more challenging. The amazing race team building activities are scattered around the city. Delegates will have a map of the city and clues on how to get to the challenge. The Challenge: The delegates will have to use the map to find the amazing race team building activities around the city of your location. Only once the amazing race team building challenge is complete will the delegates get their next clue and continue to their next challenge.

This amazing race team building activity ranges from 3 hours to a couple of days depending on location and budget. The Amazing race team building event is ideal for group sizes from 5 people to larger groups of over 100.Amazing race team building can be delivered within a resort setting or spanning the boundaries of a community or city. Have you got what it takes to get to the finish line first?

Team Benefits & Info

  • High energy
  • Promotes business mindset
  • Problem solving
  • Encourages structured thinking
  • Supports strategic planning
  • Values diversity
  • Negotiating skills
  • Time management
  • Fun

Duration: 2 – 4 Hours
Venue: Outdoors

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