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Be Challenged : Team Building Activities

We Built It
We Build It is a fun, unifying experience. This team building activity offers strong outcomes focusing on language, feedback and the importance of creating a step-by-step...
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Jungle Escape
In this survival scenario, teams are challenged to work together to build a makeshift helicopter with only limited parts and each other. Jungle Escape's hands-on...
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Escape Room
Teams have 60 minutes to break the code! Teams are locked in a room to break out, teams will have to solve riddles and puzzles to lead them to the unique code...
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SA Jones Challenge
This fun and exciting portable, team building challenge has been designed and themed around the exciting Movie series. A unique and...
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Corporate Mini Olympics
The whole Company or Department was on the plane going to a business trip unfortunately the plane crash in deserted but the good...
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Minute To Win It
Fast, fun and action-packed series of 60 second challenges Inspired by TV game shows, the Win It In A Minute program is full of excitement and nail biting moments as...
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Treasure Hunt
By using the compass and a map provided, your objective is to find a hidden treasure, along the way you face difficulties and many obstacles to challenge the entire...
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Sibanye Team Building Challenge
Our unique Sibanye Team Building Challenge creates an atmosphere to inspire participants to do their...
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Amazing Race
The Goal: The delegates in the amazing race team building will work together to fulfil different task given to them. Large groups will be divided into smaller groups to...
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The Rush
Sensational team building experience guaranteed to appeal to every delegate, while generating a sense of energy, urgency and competitive spirit. This exciting activity...
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Working feverishly to a deadline of 100 minutes, teams of 10-20 people pit their intelligence around a circuit of tricky dimensional tasks. With only 20 minutes to solve each task...
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