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Chain Reaction

Teams create a series of madcap contraptions which when joined together with those from other teams become an elaborate chain reaction.

In this lively team building activity, teams collaborate to create fun tabletop contraptions. The idea is to design insanely complicated machines to accomplish simple tasks.

This activity offers a funny, engaging challenge designed to unleash creativity and foster healthy teamwork. The concept of making things far more complicated than they need to be is a powerful way to make the point that simple is usually better.

Once divided into smaller teams, your group will move into friendly competition mode as they design and assemble their own “simple” machines. Each team designs builds and tests a number of simple machines. But ultimately, each of their individual inventions must also work together as part of a greater whole. Since the mission is challenging, teams need to think strategically as they develop a common vision to bring their crazy inventions to life. Collaboration has never been so fun.

Using ‘ideas cards’, participants exchange energy transfer concepts with individuals from other team, they return to their team, share knowledge and discuss how to build their chain reaction machine with the materials they have in hand each team constructs a series of linked mechanisms. Teams collaborate to join their chain reaction to the next team’s. Once complete the whole chain reaction is triggered to the delight and amazement of all!

Team Benefits & Info

  • Cross Functional Co-operation
  • Project Management
  • Resourceful Innovation
  • Sharing Knowledge
  • Breakdown Silo Mentality
  • Inclusive Gameplay

Duration: 2 – 3 Hours
Venue: Indoors/Outdoors

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