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Interactive Drumming

All the teams find the conference room has been transformed into a sea of drums and exotic instruments. Immediately our Drum Master will have the entire room playing together and making music. Who can remember the team’s Signature Rhythm? Our Signature Master hears each team’s separate rhythms which are interlinked to play one amazing sound. Each Signature Rhythm is layered on top of the other to reveal one true sound or unified Rhythm. Interactive drumming is a cutting edge psychological tool used effectively in the corporate environment for team building and communication. The event is fun, highly memorable.

Team Benefits & Info

  • Creates a powerful team spirit
  • Encourages listening skills
  • Group unification
  • Reinforces cooperative working relationships
  • Easy to follow
  • Increases confidence
  • Healing experience for the body, Mind and soul
  • Energizes and releases stress
  • Enhances focus and clarity of thinking

Duration: 0 – 1/2 Hours
Venue: Indoors/Outdoors

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