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Jungle Escape

In this survival scenario, teams are challenged to work together to build a makeshift helicopter with only limited parts and each other. Jungle Escape’s hands-on design enables players to discover and practice critical group-process skills such as team planning, problem solving, decision making, and conflict resolution. Before they know it, they’ve experienced first-hand the differences between a cohesive team and one that’s fragmented or divergent.

Participants will accomplish all of this through one of our best team building games. Stranded in a jungle after surviving an airplane crash, teams are challenged to build a helicopter to exact specifications using only toy parts, limited access to an assembled model, and teamwork. Starting with a planning phase, they discuss how to execute the project, and then the construction begins! When the team believes they’ve properly built their aircraft, the facilitator checks the helicopter for accuracy and then records the amount of time you dedicate to planning and construction.

The winner? The team that spends the most time planning is typically the team that completes the project the fastest. Following the activity, team members take part in a discussion about team dynamics, offer insights, and create an action plan for improvement.

Team Benefits & Info

  • Collaborative
  • Problem solving
  • Think out of the box
  • Listening skills
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Recognizing individual skill sets

Duration: 1 – 2 Hours
Venue: Indoors

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