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Knowing Me Knowing You

Develop bonds for a strong, united team. This fun and insightful team building event adds benefits to your work environment by creating a sense of business family. Understanding what makes others tick is an essential part of building up a happy, healthy, committed workforce. Perfect for new and existing teams. Build up your group with insightful exercises; develop relationships, find solutions, communicate effectively. Colleagues gain a deeper understanding of the value of each member as they experience each other in a new light.

Team Benefits & Info

  • Collaborative
  • Group experience
  • Explores team identity
  • New perspectives about team and people
  • Variety of challenges
  • Left and right brain activities
  • Promotes tolerance Suitable
  • Engages and entertains
  • Develops a sense of business family
  • Explores the strengths of a diverse team
  • Learning opportunities
  • Laughter

Duration: 2 – 4 Hours
Venue: Indoors

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