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Let’s Collaborate : Team Building Activities

Mexican Railway
In Mexican Railway teams work together to assemble an intricate railway system and then compete against each other in a test of time management...
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Chain Reaction
Teams create a series of madcap contraptions which when joined together with those from other teams become an elaborate chain reaction...
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It’s unique from other team builds as ours is customized to your team and build around your objectives. Important values are Communication, Leadership, Goals and...
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Bridge Build
Your team has to build a bridge. Tensions have been high between the two sides of the river for generations and the government hopes that this bridge will be...
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A celebration of diversity and the opportunity for delegates to express cultural pride. This event has a local and lekker feel and is perfect for lunch and dinner functions...
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Trading Game
Trading Game is a supercharged game of information gathering, haggling and building trust – an excellent networking activity or conference...
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Knowing Me Knowing You
Develop bonds for a strong, united team. This fun and insightful team building event adds benefits to your work environment by...
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